Construction Project Manager Birmingham AL

General Contractor

As a Construction Project Manager Birmingham AL, Phase 1 Builders works with you throughout the design and building phases, providing owners with peace of mind knowing that their project is in good hands of an Alabama General Contractor. Our team performs general contractor assignments for commercial and residential developments.


As a self-performing General Contractor, Phase 1 Builders is your project manager, working with you throughout the design and building phases, giving you peace of mind by knowing that your project is in good hands. We are committed to a high standard of quality and satisfaction.

Construction Project Manager Birmingham AL
Understanding The Client Goals

Phase 1 Builders understands that each client and project is unique. From inception, we establish specifically defined results regarding materials, quality and service. Although we are able to manage your project from any point, you will benefit most from our services the earlier in the process, establishing a plan of action to meet your project needs, goals and budget.

Estimating Project Components

Maybe you already have a vision for your completed project. We help deliver that vision. This entails the close examination of each component to ensure the best possible solutions for the project within budget. This initial phase can be the most crucial for success in maintaining the overall budget throughout the process.

Assembling Subcontractor Team

Phase 1 Builders creates value for clients by matching the most experienced subcontractors with each specific job, therefore ensuring the successful implementation of the critical components. This is not accomplished by sacrificing quality to stretch the budget, but rather securing the knowledge of experts, when needed, to satisfy the requirements as set forth in the original estimate. What results from this important step is an accurate budget that meets the project objectives and remains constant throughout the construction process.


After defining the desired results of the project, estimating each component, and assembling the team, Phase 1 Builders tailors a specific plan to coordinate, manage and follow through to completion of the job, ensuring synergy between all parties involved. This process produces a seamless delivery of services resulting in total satisfaction for the Owner and everyone involved.